KVSG002 Single Grain Scotch Whisky £35.00

Kininvie Single Grain Scotch Whisky KVSG002


Single Grain Scotch Whisky


50CL | Non-Chill Filtered | ABV 47.8%

The second release from Kininvie Works.

Objective: To explore new flavour profiles by stilling Malted Rye using a traditional Scotch Whisky distillation process.
Experiment: To test flavour profiles generated by cereals other than usual malted barley. Keeping traditional Scotch whisky processes the same but seeing how the addition of Malted Rye into the mash alters – or enhances – our whisky and how.

Observations: We’re interested in the high level of protein at fermentation. Conversion into fusel alcohol followed by fermentation gave us rich toffee flavours. We distilled the spirit in traditional copper pot stills, which enhanced the spicy flavours we associate with rye.

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This experiment produced a new make spirit with initial notes of sweetness and a slight spiciness from the rye. Over the course of maturation, periodic samples were drawn in order to investigate how these flavours developed over time.

Made using a parcel of the Kininvie Rye Grain Whisky that has been aging in Virgin American Oak, this spirit takes on a remarkable balance of sweetness, from the wood extractives such as vanillin, and spiciness, from the elevated furfural concentration observed in the spirit, to create a well-balanced and well-rounded flavour.

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